5 Senses Test


Which of your senses is the most strongly developed?

With our 5 senses we make out our environment, but from person to person, these senses are either more or less strongly developed. With the eyes (visual), the ears (acoustic), the skin (haptic), the mouth (gustatory), and the nose (olfactory) all of the information of our environment reaches us.
With our test you can know for sure which of your senses is the most strongly developed. You can choose up to two answers per question. In the evaluation you will see where your “sensual” strengths lie.

First ask yourself which of your senses you think would take first place.

Imagine you have a delicious meal in front of you, order the sensations you would experience according to your personal priorities. Which sense is the most important to you? Which could you go without?
auge.png How does the dish look, are the colours convincing? (visual)
ohr.pngHow does it sound, do the fried potatoes sound crispy when you bite into them? (auditory)
hand.pngHow does it feel? Is the meat easy to cut, are the vegetables well done? (haptic)
nase.pngHow does it smell, is it appetizing? (olfactory)
mund.pngHow intense is the taste, does it meet your expectations? (gustatory)

Find out now if you're your first impression was true. Let’s go!
You have to prepare yourself for an exam or difficult speech in peace.
What do you do beforehand, so that your concentration will not be disturbed?